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Alampallam Venkatachalam, Orthopaedic surgeon specializing in joint replacement of hip, knee & shoulder, sports medicine, cartilage repair. Restoring mobility and flexibility. Cutomizing the treatment suited to my patient - Not forcing patient to accept my treatment

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Joint Preservation Surgery India
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ACL reconstruction

ACL reconstruction India, Dr.Venkatachalam patient testimonial

ACL reconstruction Dr.Venkatachalam

I sustained an ACL injury in 2011. I found Doctor A.K Venkatachalam sir at Chennai. I read about him and his articles and spoke with his old patients. every one is good. He gave me confidence and within 2 days we went for ACL reconstruction surgery. I was discharged next day after surgery. Now with regular physiotherapy, I am doing good. I have thrown away my crutches within a month and am walking normally. I am very happy with the treatment done by the doctor. His concern towards patient is extraordinary , not only that his motivation brings patient to normal condition. Still to go some physiotherapy. Hope I will do good with God’s grace and doctors blessing… Thanks a lot doctor -Manoj Kumar, Krishnagiri, Tamil nadu.

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ACL reconstruction India
April 7, 2016
Shoulder resurfacing India
Shoulder Surgery, stem cells

Shoulder resurfacing India, a joint preservation procedure

Shoulder resurfacing India is a joint preservation procedure. In this procedure the surgeon just roughens the ball at the top of the arm and positions a metal cap without chopping it off. It is thus useful in young patients with severe arthritis of the shoulder joint. It is useful in the following conditions leading to shoulder pain.

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Osteo-arthritis
  • Cuff tear arthropathy
  • Avascular necrosis
  • Traumatic defects of humeral head.

In this procedure for this patient, the arm side of the joint was resurfaced with a metal prosthesis. The socket side was resurfaced with a stem cell gell as a biological resurfacing. This biological option by avoiding a plastic component will increase the longevity of the joint. Plastics wear out and these wear particles lead to loosening of the joint and a revision. Biological procedures like the one done here will thus preserve a natural or artificial joint for a longer time.

This procedure was done for an American patient in this video. His pain has been relieved and he is very happy with the results.
If you want this procedure, e mail


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Stem cell ACL repair India
September 18, 2016
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Stem cell ACL repair Chennai India
September 18, 2016

Hip preservation in children India

Considering hip preservation surgery in this young girl. She has secondary osteoarthritis due to AVN following femoral neck fracture.

She will be treated with joint distraction and signaling cell treatment in a bid to salvage this hip and preserve motion.

Stem cell ACL repair India
ACL repair India

Stem cell ACL, Cartilage repair India

Stem cell ACL, cartilage repair India relieved this young lady’s pain. Partial tears of the ACL can be treated and healed with stem cells, avoiding an ACL reconstruction. Cartilage defects can be healed with stem cells through key hole surgery. This procedure was done for the first time in India. If you have a recently diagnosed ACL tear, this can be treated with stem cells. E mail


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